Video 1 – Introduction to Competitive Events Video Series

This blog is an introduction to the brand new Georgia jdb电子官网 Competitive Events Video Series. This series is designed to help members prepare for their competitive events! 

Each video will feature an in-depth look at a particular event or set of events, review the event competencies, provide you with practice resources, and more! In addition to the video, there will be an associated blog available that provides you with more information about the competitive events covered in the video.

These videos will be released weekly and can be used as a great resource to learn more about the jdb电子官网 competitive events as we head into the competitive events season.

Feel free to contact any of the 5 officers creating these videos if you have any questions. The 5 officers are Ameya, Varun, Abhishek, Yugesh, and Melissa.

To access these competitive event videos, head over to Georgia jdb电子官网’s blog by clicking on the page titled GA jdb电子官网 News under the NEWS tab on the Georgia jdb电子官网 website, or you can also access the blog directly by heading to

We hope your questions are answered within this series and you all find them informative. The first competitive events video will be covering Business Financial Plan and Business Plan.